Caught on cam: Car crashes into suspected drunk driver running red light, possibly saving couple's lives

Phoenix Police released a video of a car possibly saving the lives of a couple crossing the street as it crashed into a suspected drunk driver running a red light. 

The incident happened on the night of October 15 near 53rd Avenue and Indian School Road. 

On Twitter, police stated that "An angel in the form of a Chevy Cruz [sic] may have saved the lives of a couple pushing a stroller through a Phoenix crosswalk."

"They're very lucky" said Chris Conant. "I couldn’t even imagine if it were one of my family members that were just out walking and they would get run over by somebody, whether they’re impaired or not"

According to police, the Chevrolet entered the intersection when a Jeep came barreling through the red light and slammed into the car just a few feet away from the couple crossing the street. Ernesto Oveso, 28, was driving the Jeep and a 27-year-old woman was driving the Cruze.


Ernesto Oveso

Police say Oveso and a female passenger got out of the jeep and started running. A witness followed them and Oveso stabbed one of the doors on their car. 

Officers arrested Oveso but the woman was never found. He's accused of DUI and aggravated assault. A gun was also found in the Jeep. 

The woman driving the Chevy Cruze was injured but is expected to be okay.