Caught on camera: Suspect uses U-Haul to break into Southeast Austin business twice

A Southeast Austin business captured two unwanted visits two nights in a row on its security cameras.

On Tuesday, March 14, someone backed a U-Haul into the roll-up door at Ace Contractors Supply on Ben White Blvd., making it buckle, so the driver could walk in.

In the security video, when the person reached the office doors inside, the alarm appeared to go off then they then ran away.

Then, Thursday, March 16, around 2:30 a.m., it appears the same person returns to the business. A U-Haul can be seen on an outside security camera repeatedly reversing into the building and causing damage. The driver then takes off.

"The back right light cover is in my parking lot, and I could see in the video on that right-hand side where it's kind of crumpled in behind that back rear tire," said Julie Holmstrom with ACS.

It’s unclear what the person’s intentions were since nothing was stolen, but Holmstrom is hoping they are found before a third visit. 

"I’m anticipating something this weekend," she said, noting Thursday night’s weather may have kept them from returning a third night in a row. "I really just wanted to put that video out there and see if somebody notices somebody driving around in a damaged U-Haul van."