Cedar Park woman claims she was cut by razor found in Walmart shopping cart handle

A quick trip to the store ended with a trip to the hospital for one Cedar Park woman who claims she was cut by a razor blade attached to a shopping cart at Walmart. A claim has been filed against the retailer to cover her medical expenses.
Pictures show what appears to be blood covering both the razor and the shopping cart handle.

“This could happen to anybody, this could happen to me, to you guys, to your neighbor, your parents, your children,” said Bradley Wurster, the woman's attorney.

He said his client was heading to the store, located at 201 Walton Way, like any other day.

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“She needed to pick up a few items for an event in her son's school,” said Wurster.

Once inside, Wurster claims other shoppers noticed his client was bleeding and when she finally realized the cuts on her hands she passed out.

“While investigating what was the source, EMS, the fire department, or police one of them had discovered a razor attached to the handle of her shopping cart,” said Wurster.

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Wurster recently filed a claim against Walmart to cover the cost of her injuries and potentially find a way to prevent this from happening again.

Walmart gave us this statement: 

If action from the store isn't taken, Wurster said a lawsuit would be the next step.

“Most of the time with big businesses is change doesn't come unless a lawsuit comes about. If it comes down to it, it is about being proactive to your community rather than being reactive to lawsuits. This is hoping a large company like Walmart who has the ability to make changes, makes change,” said Wurster.

Cedar Park police are currently investigating and so far a suspect has not been identified.