Child run over and killed in North Austin neighborhood

The Austin Police Department and Travis County EMS responded to an accident Friday afternoon in the 8000 block of Research Blvd. that left one child dead.

ATCEMS responded to a home where a child was run over. EMS performed CPR but APD said the boy died on scene from his injuries. APD patrol Officer Keith Kirby said the driver was related to the child and said the incident appeared to be an accident. APD did not give details as to how the car ran over the child. Kirby described the call as a tough one for first responders.

"In fact some officers had to choke back tears. It's tough trying to be superman every day because we all have children," Kirby said.

Neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for more than nine years said nothing as tragic as this incident has happened in their community. Ramona Garcia said many kids play in the street.

"We have to watch when we are driving, look around first because sometimes the kids are playing behind the cars. And if you don't look, you can kill them," Garcia said.

APD said charges will not be filed at this time.