Chilly, wet weather expected this Halloween in Austin

After years of stellar Halloween weather in Central Texas, our luck may have run out this Halloween. FOX 7 Meteorologist Carlo Falco says we can expect it to be chilly, breezy and damp—thanks to an approaching cold front. 

"It looks like we'll have not steady rain, but off and on. Little sprinkles, rain showers, mist and drizzle throughout most of the day on Halloween and through Halloween night," said Falco.

That dicey weather could make for treacherous conditions for trick or treaters--especially if they're walking along or crossing busy streets. 

"I think mist would be the worst possible situation for trick-or-treating time, simply because it's not rainy enough to cancel everything, but it's also wet enough to get the combination of poor visibility, slippery roadway conditions and people out doing their Halloween thing," said Falco.

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CDC data shows pedestrian strikes tend to quadruple on Halloween. Last year, October saw the most pedestrian deaths in Texas. A third of those October deaths were children 12 to 15. 

Add in wet roads and bad visibility, Stewart Williams, Injury Prevention Coordinator with Dell Children’s Medical Center, says families should plan ahead. 

"It’s a little bit cloudy or damp, it's going to get darker a lot quicker," said Williams. "There might be some fogginess in the area, and that could also obscure some additional visibility."

To help with that, Williams encourages trick-or-treaters to wear bright costumes, and "to have some sort of reflective material on your costumes or on your person or carry some sort of light."

It’s also important to travel in groups.

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"If your costume has a mask, Williams says, "Remove the mask so that you can visibly see what's around you and what traffic is coming and so forth."

If you’re out driving on those wet roads: slow down, be vigilant and have your headlights on.

"Children are unpredictable. And even with the best supervision, there can still be risks of them darting out on the road," said William