City of Austin departments participate in 42nd Annual Building Safety Month

In a citywide effort to celebrate the International Code Council's (ICC) 42nd Annual Building Safety Month, Austin Code Department will join the Development Services Department, Austin Water, Office of Sustainability and the Watershed Protection Department to participate in this worldwide campaign aimed at raising awareness about building safety. 

"Safety for All: Building Codes in Action" is this year's campaign. It highlights the importance of building codes in ensuring safety in all living, working and learning spaces. 

The city says one of the best ways for communities to prepare and protect against future disasters is through the adoption and enforcement of building codes. Officials who enforce home and building regulations, as well as buildings built in compliance with building safety codes, minimize the risk of death, injury, and property damage in the event of a disaster. 

"At Austin Code, we firmly believe that by educating, collaborating, and enforcing property maintenance codes, Austin residents have a fair opportunity of remaining safe in the spaces they work and live. By proactively educating our communities, people can learn the benefits a properly maintained structure has when faced with adversity brought on by inclement weather or natural disasters," said Austin Code Department Director José G. Roig. "By collaborating, educating, and ultimately enforcing property maintenance codes, we ensure that safety at home is something attainable by all Austinites."  

This year's campaign themes for ICC's Building Safety Month 2022 are as follows:

  • Week One: May 1-8, Planning for a Safe & Sustainable Tomorrow
  • Week Two: May 9-15, Exploring Careers in Building Safety
  • Week Three: May 16-22, Understanding Disaster Mitigation
  • Week Four: May 23-31, Creating a Safe & Abundant Water Supply

To learn more about Building Safety Month, click here