Clara Harris released from prison after 15 years

Fifteen years after the brutal murder of David Harris, his wife Clara Harris is a free woman. She walked out of prison Friday, after she was granted parole in late 2017.

It was back in July of 2002 when Clara Harris hired Blue Moon Investigations to prove that her husband, David Harris was cheating on her.

Bobby Bacha said that she had more than enough evidence to prove David's infidelity, but never expected that Clara would show up to a hotel and commit murder.

In the parking lot of the Hilton in Clear Lake, hired investigators were trying to catch a cheating husband red-handed. Instead they caught the murder of David Harris as he was run over multiple times by his wife Clara Harris.

"I think of Clara Harris every day, because this was one of the first cases where I live murder was caught on video tape," said Bobby Bacha of Blue Moon Investigations.

"It was just a shock to the community because not only was it such a tragedy it was caught on film and then the film is what really got justice for David Harris, Lindsey Harris and the Harris family who were the victims in all of this."

Clara was charged with the murder of her husband David, she has served 15 years of a 20 year sentence.

The twin boys she had with David, sent to live with relatives.

She was denied parole two times, but it was finally granted on her third try this month.

"I'm hoping that she's going to come out and be the mother to those twin boys that she needs to be. Make up for them not having a father if there's a possibility of that you know be the best person that she can."