Class Act: Round Rock HS basketball team mentoring Bluebonnet Elementary students

You're never too young to start volunteering and making a difference in the lives of others. Just ask some of the students at Round Rock High School and Bluebonnet Elementary.

Every Friday, several members of the Round Rock basketball team greet students as they arrive at Bluebonnet. It's the start to a morning of mentoring their younger peers during Bluebonnet's Basketball Enrichment Program.

"The parents love it. It's all positive feedback from them. Just knowing we're making their kids' day better," says Round Rock High School senior Jack Peterson.

Peterson and his teammates show a group of 3rd - 5th graders how to play hoops.

"We'll help them with basic basketball skills: dribbles, passing, and then we get to play some knockout and then eventually get into some games to teach them how to play basketball the right way," Peterson says.

This is the first year these Round Rock basketball players have participated in the Bluebonnet program which is led by 5th grade teacher Cara Vierra.

Vierra says the program allows the elementary students "to ask questions to these high schoolers and see what high school is all about and how to balance the athlete in a student aspect."

"These high schoolers have shown them to be confient and they can do it," Vierra adds. "It just takes some practice."

The Bluebonnet students say the high schoolers do more than just teach them how to play.

Julio Martinez says they also "inspire us to be just like them in the future."

The Round Rock High School basketball team also donates their time helping Bluebonnet with other projects. They recently cleaned up the school's garden taking it from overgrown to nice and tranquil.



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