Class Act: Round Rock school designated as National Showcase School

The Capturing Kids' Hearts Program is implemented in more than 10,000 schools across the country and only about 200 are designated as National Showcase Schools. An elementary school in Round Rock is one of them.

Cheryl Hester has been principal at Voigt Arts Integration Academy for the past seven years. It's a place where learning goes far beyond reading, writing and arithmatic.

"Every time when we great our kids in the morning, we have then look in our eye and smile at them. And, we shake their hand - and we make that connection. So that have that human connection that we all need," Hester says.

Voigt has been named a National Showcase School for three years running and it has fully embraced the Capturing Kids' Hearts philosophy.

Shannon Stockton leads the school's Capturing Kids' Hearts Program. 

"Our actions are intentional, they're meaningful. Our students feel like they belong. They feel like they're seen, they're heard by their teachers," Stockton says.

In fact students like fourth grader Sherell Bazie help make their social contracts class rules so to speak.

"It makes me feel - so, I'm making the rules too. So, I'm the one who says I want to put that there. So, I have to follow it. Like - I'm putting it up there, I have to follow it. Or, what does that mean. I'm just putting it up there for no reason?" Bazie says.

In the morning and during the day students share what they call "good things" which focus on the positive. 

Fourth grade teacher Alyssa Bristol has taught at other schools and it's her first year at Voigt. She says she's sold on the Capturing Kids' Hearts philosophy.

"It has just been a phenomenal thing for us. And, I don't even call it a program - it's just who we are and what we do. And, we continue to do it. And, it's what's best for kids," Hester says.

You can get more details about the program and Voigt here.

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