Classmates hold memorial for hit-and-run victim Devon Sanders

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All Lea Franks has of her son Devon are photos, videos, and loving memories

“We were all looking forward to him going off to college. He'd even started packing his things,” said Franks.

Nineteen-year-old Devon Sanders was killed in a hit and run near his home early last Wednesday morning. Police say they got a call from a neighbor about a reckless driver knocking over trash cans. When officers arrived they found a trail of debris and then Sanders

“I don't know what happened that led to my son's death to be a homicide, that led to him being left in the middle of the street to bleed out,” said Franks.

Classmates organized a touching memorial at manor new tech high school. It's  where sanders just graduated in June. He was set to attend the University of Houston-Victoria.

“He wanted to be an attorney because he wanted to have an impact, he wanted to make a difference,” said Franks.

Sanders' spirit touched more than just classmates and family, but also faculty and staff.

"He was full of energy and you know he has a big smile and had a way he would walk down the hallways and just light the place up. He has a lot of charisma. He was just a very strong spirit," said Bobby Garcia, Manor New Tech principal.

Police have no suspects, but they have ruled it a homicide. Despite what the person did to her son, Franks says she won't become bitter, and forgives the person who did this to her child.

“Please come forward so that we can get some closure and bring this thing to an end,” said Franks.

Police say be on the lookout for a black two or four door Cadillac. It will have damage to the front right passenger door and the window to that door may be shattered.

If you see that car contact the Manor Police Department at 512-272-8177