Clean up efforts continue after Sunday morning's storm

Clean up efforts continue after Sunday morning's storm. Some wish they were notified sooner about the severity of it. An alert was sent out by the City of Round Rock. Unfortunately they sent it to not only those within the city but instead, 10 counties. So, it took a while for some people to receive it.

"The National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning in the city. Move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building," says Chris Guest, Lago Vista resident. 

That is the call around 500,000 people got on Sunday. For many people, it was too late. Sunday morning's storm had already passed.

"There, there, there," says Chris Guest, Lago Vista resident.

Luckily Chris Guest was out of town, but his house wasn't so lucky.

"The phone started ringing. Our friends and neighbors were telling us that our roof blew off. We were just thinking the metal, and it was everything. It was the entire covered porch and back of the house," says Guest.

The porch actually got blown to the other side of the street. Their front room and garage also got flooded. Guest was told to move out for about six months.
On Tuesday contractors were at his house.

"Like 40 fans going in there now. They're trying to bake out any moisture. They sealed up the roof this morning. You can see the garage door got torn up," says Guest.

It's a similar story for many homeowners in Lago Vista. Belfor had a national disaster team out making repairs. They pulled carpet from about 20 homes that sustained water damage.

"It was a mess. The roof is gone and the roof is gone in the back. Then the living room looks just like we left it but water poured in. No roof, top and bottom, and the bedroom is all messed up," says John Anderson, Lago Vista resident. 

Most importantly, residents say they are thankful no one was hurt - even if a notification alert didn't come in time.

"We're blessed, the Lord blessed us," says Anderson.

The Capital Area Council of Governments has fixed the alert problem. They encourage everyone to go to and register on the system. It's an import action you can take to be prepared.