Confused boyfriend texts girlfriend to ask if she wants ‘lemon' or ‘lime' tampons

A boyfriend wanted to make sure that he got the right “flavor” of tampons for his girlfriend, so he texted her asking if she wanted the “lemon” or “lime” ones. 

A woman known as Brogan screenshotted her boyfriend Lewis’ text and posted it on Twitter under her username @broganpaget. 

“when you ask ur boyfriend to buy you tampons,” the post read, showing Lewis texting her a photo of the “lemon” and “lime” Tampax boxes side-by-side. 

“Do u want the lemon or lime,” Lewis’ text to Brogan read in the screenshot. 

The “lemon” Tampax box had a yellow background and contains the “regular“ tampons, while the “lime” box had a green background contains the “super” absorbent ones. 

One female user explained the color scheme of the tampons. 

“The different colours represent the different sizes depending on if the womans period is a heavy flow or a light flow. Heavy flow periods need to have more material in order to absorb the blood which is why the box has 3 tears on it instead of the lighter flow box which has 2,” @Becksnnc tweeted.

Another user tweeted, “I laughed way too hard at this.”