Costco stores install plexiglass around registers as coronavirus cases continue to rise

Costco stores are putting plexiglass around registers as coronavirus cases across the nation continue to rise.

FOX 35 News visited the Costco in Altamonte Springs and saw plexiglass surrounding the register and cashier.

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It was accompanied by two signs. One read "social distancing" and "six feet apart." The other sign read "your safety is our priority" and listed "social distancing," "cover coughs and sneezing," and "Costco will regulate member access."


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Other stores, like Walmart and Publix, are also putting plexiglass barriers around registers to protect their cashiers.

Publix said, starting this weekend, it will be installing plexiglass at registers, customer service desks, and pharmacies at its stores. 

Then there are stores like Academy and Walgreens, who are limiting how many customers can be in the store at once.

Walgreen's put blue tape on the floor of their checkout line to make sure people are following the Centers for Disease Control recommendations to stay 6 feet apart. 


Dr. Jason Littleton tells FOX 35 News that he believes it's good that businesses are taking precautions but says the best advice is to stay at home.

"If it gets on anything you’re handing the customer, even if it’s a plastic bag, paper bag, food product, the virus can be on that and someone could still have contact with that and catch the COVID-19 virus," Dr. Littleton said. "These are measures that ease people’s fears. To make them less anxious. It makes sense from a business perspective, but medically I’m not sure it’s quite advantageous."


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