Council to discuss what mobility bond will look like

City Council is continuing to try to solve Austin's traffic woes. They're talking about what the mobility bond on the November ballot will look like.

Earlier this week, Mayor Adler said he's hoping council will choose to quote "go big or go home." Today on the council forum he laid out what he calls his "Go Big" corridor plan: $720 million of road improvements.  That includes $484 million in future smart corridors like William Cannon, MLK and South Congress.  $55 million for sidewalks, $20 million in bike trails.

Council member Ann Kitchen, chair of the Mobility Committee says the committee decided on a $300 million plan earlier this week.  She says there won't be an impact on taxes with that plan.  Meanwhile Bike Texas is hoping for something in the middle.

"We really want to hear from the public about what they think about what that will do to their taxes.  And then of course within the bond package it's a balance.  What's the right balance for the whole part of the city," Kitchen said.

"We would say it should be $500 million and that it should be about $300 million for sidewalks and protected bike lanes for the reasons I mentioned before for public health, quality of life and congestion easement and then $200 million on the corridors," said Robin Stallings, Executive Director of Bike Austin.

Council will vote on what this bond proposal will look like during next week's council meeting. They'll be hearing from the public then as well. If you would like to see mayor Adler's plan In detail, click here.