Couple arrested say APD officers used excessive force around children

New video reveals the moments several people were arrested by Austin police after a man was seen on video waving a gun at a driver during a road rage incident

A couple who was arrested spoke with FOX 7 and said the police used excessive force around their children.

Guns were drawn in the middle of a downtown Austin parking lot where the Beast Mode Car Club was set up.

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"We park and the next thing we see is the police pull up, and they pull up with so many cars. Me and Jasmine have no clue what’s going on, so we’re asking questions," Beast Mode Car Club leader Tyquise Rogers said.

They said they weren’t getting any answers from the police, just commands to get back.

Court records said a man who was part of the car club had waved a gun at a Tesla during a road rage incident. Investigators were able to use the surveillance video from the vehicle to track down the truck within 20 minutes. 

While people were trying to arrest the people who were in the truck, chaos erupted all around. Police then started arresting other people.

"We don’t have any weapons, there was the truck who had the weapon and if that’s what they said, go after the truck, go after them, but why are we all being treated that way," Beast Mode Car Club member Monica Banda said.

Video showed several people being pushed by officers.

"They didn’t have to use excessive force with us," Beast Mode Car Club leader Jasmine Cavalier said.

"He says you’re under arrest, and I’m like under arrest for what? I didn’t argue with y’all, I didn’t put up a fight, I didn’t do anything," Rogers said.

They all said they were trying to protect their children.


Richard Vallejo, 21, was arrested for waving a gun at a Tesla driver during a road rage incident.

"I feel like they should have at least let us get the kids out of the way so they wouldn’t have gotten hurt and then whatever you got to do with them three, do what you got to do," Banda said.

Cavalier and Rogers were arrested and charged with interfering with public duties.

"I’m not a bad person, we’re a good car club, we’re a nonviolent car club, we love family, we love kids," Rogers said.

"I feel like the situation wouldn’t have happened if he had never pulled out a gun on someone, it’s not just the police fault, it’s his fault also," Cavalier said.

The man who pulled the gun, Richard Vallejo, is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and is no longer part of the car club.