Williamson County murder of Jessica Harris, family hopes for clues

August 2, 2018 will mark 24 years since an Austin woman was murdered and dumped on the side of a road in rural Williamson County. For decades Joyce Harris, the mother of Jessica Harris, has wondered who killed her daughter. She's hoping more clues come to light so investigators can find Jessica's murderer.

There's not a day that passes that Joyce doesn't think about her daughter. "She was just a very very good daughter. She was really sweet. She was not a bad child or anything."

Raising her kids in south Austin, Joyce says she remembers Jessica always smiling. But on August 2, 1994 at just 24, Jessica's life was cut short.

Joyce says she remembers very well the night before. "I hugged her and I said I'm making your favorite dinner. She liked pork chops."

After Jessica ate, a friend picked her up to go down to 6th Street for a night out. Jessica would not be seen alive again. Her body was found nearly 30 miles away dumped in Georgetown.

A person who lives nearby was checking on his property when he found Jessica's fully clothed body on the side of the road. She had been beaten and strangled to death. Joyce said her daughter's face was unrecognizable.

In 1994, Williamson County was much different. It wasn't the bustling home of Austin suburbs it has grown to be now. So authorities say it wasn't a surprise a killer would dump Jessica's body there.

More than two decades have passed, but Joyce says she has renewed hope. Williamson County authorities are keeping in close contact with her. 

Authorities are hoping they can solve the case with new approaches. The sheriff's office decided to re-examine 14 cold cases and Jessica's is on the list.

If you know anything about Jessica's case you're asked to contact the Williamson County Sheriff's Office.