DACA recipients concerned about future after president's decision

Sounds of Hispanic culture could be heard downtown and in Central Austin after the announcement from President Trump, that DACA is ending.

Edilsa Lopez said it was a long hard road to the U.S. as a twelve-year-old.

“On our way to the United States, I was separated from my family and I was kidnapped. I was forced to walk through the desert with no water, no food. Many times I thought I was not going to live,” said Edilsa Lopez, DACA recipient.

Lopez said it's because of DACA, that she is who she is today

“In 2015 I was able to graduate from UT Austin with two majors. Today I am currently working as a financial analyst,” said Lopez.

“A main concern for folks who have DACA now is not being able to work lawfully once they're work authorization has expired,” said Megan Sheffield, immigration attorney.

In Central Austin, DACA recipients and immigrant families resonated the same message, and concerns about why the president didn't make the televised announcement himself.

“He decided to be a coward and not tell us to our faces that he was taking away DACA. It was Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, a white supremacist,” said Karen Reyes, DACA recipient.

Meanwhile, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton praises the administration for the decision.

“The president did a good job today, Jeff Sessions. We're pleased with the result. We're going to move on, we're going to withdraw this lawsuit,” said Paxton.

Paxton led a lawsuit against the federal government, until he voluntarily dropped it after Tuesday's announcement.  Paxton hopes Congress can make a wise decision.

“Make sure we're acting in the best interest. Whatever they come up with, benefits the entire country, takes into consideration the children, but also takes into consideration the rest of America,” said Paxton.

Congress has six months to come up with a plan to address DACA.
In the meantime, at least 800,000  people will be waiting on an answer.

“All we want is an opportunity to give back to this country, and to achieve our dreams and our goals,” said Lopez.