Dallas council approves resolution to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day

1492, Christopher Columbus lands on Watling Island and meets the natives, while three of his shipmates erect a cross. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Dallas City Council on Tuesday approved a resolution that recognizes Indigenous People’s Day.

The resolution calls for a day that honors the Native Americans who lived on the continent before settlers from Europe arrived and eventually forced out the native tribes. The day takes place on what has been the Columbus Day holiday.

"This is a day that we right a wrong for you, folks," said councilman Omar Navarez, who introduced the resolution. "The folks that started here, that made this land possible, for protecting the earth."

Dallas is now one of more than 100 cities across the country that has agreed to recongize the day.

Supporters of Indigenous People’s Day believe the day should be a chance for Americans to learn about the contributions of Native Americans rather than a celebration of explorer Christopher Columbus.