Jury selection starts in murder trial for Sgt. Daniel Perry who allegedly shot, killed BLM protester

Jury selection for a murder trial began Monday, March 27. 

Sgt. Daniel Perry could face life in prison for shooting and killing Black Lives Matter protester Garrett Foster almost three years ago.

Perry is claiming self-defense, but other protesters that were there that night say that is not how it seemed.

In July 2020, Garrett Foster, who was legally carrying an AK-47, and his fiancé were participating in a Black Lives Matter protest. The protest was headed down Congress Avenue on foot. 

During that same time, while working for Uber, Perry turned from 4th Street onto Congress Avenue and drove into that crowd of protesters.

During that brief encounter, Perry shot off several shots killing Foster. Perry claims Foster approached him and raised a rifle which led Perry to shoot his gun. 

Protesters there that night claim that was not true, and that Perry aggressively drove through the crowd honking his horn.

Once a jury is selected, opening statements will start. FOX 7 Austin will be at the trial and provide updates.