Dash cam video released of Central Texas Judge being arrested for DWI

Dash cam video has been released showing moments before a Central Texas Judge was arrested for DWI.

Hays County Court at Law Judge David Glickler was pulled over around 11:30 at night on Memorial Day in 2015 along I-35.

The officer tells Glickler he pulled him over for speeding, failure to signal, and swerving out of his lane. The officer goes on to ask Glickler if he had been drinking because he smells alcohol. The video shows Glickler telling the officer several times he was not intoxicated, “I’m sober, I’m not sober, I’m sober I’m not intoxicated,” Glickler said.

Glickler refuses to take some of the tests, but wouldn’t say why but keeps referring to his emotional state and position with the county. “I’m not going to get into this right now; you're catching me at a really bad time. I got in a big fight with my wife,” he said. The cop replied “Sorry to hear that, that has no bearing on the situation.”  “No it does, I’m the most known, okay, I’m a judge in this county,” Glickler said. “I understand that, you keep saying that sir, you're also a citizen,” replied the officer.

Glickler refused a blood alcohol or breath test that night, but did agree to some of sobriety the test, which led the officer to place him under arrest.

Earlier this month, Glickler pleaded no contest to drunken driving and was sentenced three days in jail. He received credit for time he served following his arrest, so he only had to do one day. Glickler later apologized for his actions.