Dash cam video shows driver crashing into Manor PD patrol car

In this dash cam footage from the Manor Police Department, you can see the driver on the left hand side of your screen slamming into this Manor patrol car, the one recording video.

The driver also crashed into a second vehicle.

The crash sent both the driver, and the officer to the hospital.

Manor PD says, "Intersections are a common place where collisions could occur. Some of the things that we have to look out for in regards to traffic enforcement are speeding, DWIs of course, distracted driving, and intersections because that's where you have cars coming together with cross traffic and everything else, o it's an eventuality that it could possibly happen."

This happened at the intersection of 290 and Old Kimbro Road at 6:30 Wednesday morning, which backed traffic up for a few hours. The manor police department says they don't know how fast the vehicle was driving or why he or she ran the light, but someone commented on Manor PD’s Facebook page saying there seems to be a lot of collisions at this intersection, and people tend to think they can go 80 miles per hour down 290.

Here’s what the Lieutenant James Allen (Manor PD) said in response to that.

"It is an issue that unfortunately as the city grows, more people are on the road. People are on the road longer, and it's just a law of averages. Sooner or later it's going to happen. Our officers are out there quite a bit, particularly in the mornings and in the evenings during the heavy commute times to ensure that folks are driving safely."

Lt. Allen tells FOX 7 in 2017, there were 125,733 collisions in or associated with an intersection statewide, and of those 761 were fatal collisions. Manor officers investigated 224 crashes in 2017. And they issued 119 citations for intersection violations. 

He adds, "Let it be a reminder to be cautious when you're coming up to an intersection, and if you have a red light or a yellow light, to slow down. Again, intersections are one of the most dangerous parts of traffic. There's a great deal of fatalities in that state of Texas and the numbers are there to show it."

The officer went back to work, while everything else is still being investigated.

The driver of the Manor patrol car went back to work on Wednesday.