Dashcam video: Solano County deputies rescue wayward llama

They don’t teach llama wrangling in police academy.

Never mind.

A pair of Solano County sheriff’s deputies ended up bringing a wayward llama back home to his (or her) pals with relative ease, according to a Monday Facebook post.

Deputies David Hollingsworth and Jordan Austin “found themselves having to think outside the box to coax this llama out of the roadway after it escaped from its pasture.” Someone behind the scenes at headquarters posted a sped-up dashcam video of the rescue, showing the deputies putting a pink harness on the llama, as four curious furry, four-legged friends looked on.

The escape on Pleasants Valley Road in Vacaville, Cali.f ,ended peacefully after the llama ended up surrendering without incident, according to the video provided. No tickets were issued. The llama only ended up getting “verbal counseling,” the sheriff’s post stated.