Debris caused damage for car on Highway 183

Debris from an unsecured load caused some serious damage to a car on 183.

The driver is now warning others to be cautious when on the roads.

The Texas Department of Insurance urges drivers to know just what is covered in your insurance or you may be left to foot the bill when it comes to cases like this.

It happened in an instant. “I had no time to do anything or react. I felt like it just came straight at me,” said Stephanie Perez. What began as a regular trip to work took a turn when Perez’s car was hit by flying debris on the highway. “Out of nowhere this wooden board just flew out of a truck and came straight at me like head on there was no way I could have moved out of the way to avoid it and I feel if I would have I would have caused an accident,” said Perez.

Perez said the piece of wood flew off a truck driving in front of her causing hundreds in damage.

“I tried to follow the driver to get him to stop and he didn't,” said Perez.

The Texas Department of Insurance urges drivers to stay calm in situations like this.

“Get out of the flow of traffic and get to a place where you can safely call your insurance agent and make a claim,” said Ben Gonzalez a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Insurance.

In the event debris hits your windshield or any part of your car it comes an issue for your insurance and according to the Texas Department of Insurance in some case you may not even be covered even though you have insurance. “A lot of people might only have liability coverage that's what the state requires that's your financial responsibility to others on the road like if you're involved in an accident that pays for the other person's car not your car,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said in cases like this comprehensive coverage is needed or you may be left to foot the bill yourself. It's also worth noting this is completely different from hitting debris already on the ground.

“When you run into something on the road that's like a collision with another car or object, you'd have to have collision coverage for that,” said Gonzalez.

For Perez, she feels other drivers always need to expect the unexpected when on the road.

“I think it's everybody's worst nightmare driving next to it like oh my god I hope something doesn't fall off and hit me. You'd never thing it would happen and it happened,” said Perez.

Driving with an unsecured load is against the law here in Texas and can lead up to a hefty fine ranging from a couple hundred bucks to several thousand. The Texas Department of Insurance offers free resources for people who have insurance questions or problems.