Deputy impersonator gets call from WilCo Sheriff

A caller pretending to be a deputy with the Williamson County Sheriff's Office gets caught in the act by the sheriff himself. Sheriff Robert Chody has the recorded conversation to prove it. The caller tells people the sheriff's office has a warrant out for their arrest, and they must pay up. Sheriff Chody decided to call the number back and set the record straight. 
Impersonator: "Sheriff's Department."
Sheriff: "Yes, Deputy Marshall?"
Impersonator: "Please hold."

When Sheriff Robert Chody called a sheriff's deputy impersonator, the first time it went to voicemail.

Three minutes later Sheriff Chody called back and someone picked up.

Impersonator: "It's Deputy Marshall, how can I help you?"
Sheriff: "Yea, Deputy Marshall this is Robert. I had a call that I owed for a warrant or something, what's going on?"
Impersonator: "Who am I speaking to by the way?"
Sheriff: "Robert."
Impersonator: "Robert who?"
Sheriff: "Chody."

After several moments of the sheriff reiterating his last name, the call comes to an abrupt end.

Impersonator: "Chody?"
Sheriff: "Yes."
Impersonator: "Okay Mr. Chody, you work for the law enforcement?"
Sheriff: "Yes."
Impersonator: "I thought you did."
Sheriff: We're looking for you Mr. Marshall, in Lometa."
Impersonator: "Huh?"
Sheriff: "Why are you calling representing the sheriff's office?"

Sheriff Chody thinks the person behind the phone call is a local resident, since he recognized the sheriff's name and asked if he was in law enforcement.

"He hung up. So, he didn't want to get anything from me. Obviously I don't have a warrant for my arrest because he didn't want to talk any longer," says Sheriff Robert Chody, Williamson County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office says it will never call a person to let them know they have a warrant, nor leave a number so you can pay it over the phone. If you do get a call and are unsure whether it's real, you can stop by headquarters. Sheriff Chody believes the biggest target of the call - the elderly.

"So if Deputy Marshall, or the person claiming to be Deputy Marshall, is out there and he's watching, we're coming for you and this ain't no scam. If we can find him, we're going to take him and put him in jail for that violation because he's hurting people who have worked hard for their money," says Sheriff Chody.

The video was posted to social media, where more Williamson County residents commented that they had also been called. They are hoping the sheriff scared the person off.