DFCS document outlines horrifying family massacre

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More details are emerging about what happened when police said a Loganville mother fatally stabbed her husband and four children earlier this month.

FOX 5 news obtained the Division of Family and Children Services’ 30-page report that detail the domestic massacre as lone-survivor 9-year-old Diana Romero recalled it.

According to the child, the family had just returned from an enjoyable time on the beach in Savannah. She told a state case worker everything seemed normal. She also said her parents had not been arguing.

The interview took place on July 10. The case worker said the child was emotional and cried when she described the horrible attack.

Diana said she watched her mother go to the kitchen and get a knife then stab her brothers and sisters as they slept, the youngest child killed was just 2 years old. Investigators identified the young victims as Isabela Martinez, 10, Dacota Romero, 7, Dillan Romero, 4, and Axel Romero, 2.

Then, Diana said her mother turned to her and said you are “going to the sky to see Jesus,” but Diana said she cried and told her mother she “did not want to go see Jesus.”

According to the report, the young child told the state case worker her father, Martin Romero, tried to stop her mom, but she would not listen to him.

The 33-year old defendant pleaded not guilty and told authorities a family friend committed the fatal stabbings and even injured her.

That account is not supported by her daughter's statement. Diana said she watched her mother kill her siblings and no one else was at home, but the seven family members.

The 30-page document also detailed a 2015 accusation that Martin Romero struck one of the daughters with a shoe and phone charger, but the agency found there was no safety threat and the case was closed.

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