Minnesota DNR EagleCam: Chick dies after nest falls from tree

Minnesota Department of Nature Resources reported that the eagle chick featured in its well-known EagleCam did not survive the fall when its nest fell from a tree early Sunday morning.

The camera captured the moment of the fall. It appeared to occur as wind was blowing, and the nest was weighed down with snow from the storm that passed through Minnesota on Friday and Saturday. 

The DNR asked people to avoid the nest area.  

The survival rate of bald eagle chicks to fledging, or when they make a successful flight, is about 50 percent, according to the DNR's website

Last year, another chick died when it was pushed from the nest by a pushed from the nest by a sibling.  

By noon Sunday, one of the adult eagles returned to tree, and was perched alone on the same branch where the nest was before it fell. The eagle flew away a short time later.