'Best feeling in the world': Local nonprofit rescues, re-homes chihuahuas

Ay Chihuahua Rescue is a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and re-homing Chihuahuas. 

The rescue is run out of the treasurer's home. They take dogs from shelters, surrenders, and hoarding situations.

"It can be tough doing it out of your home. I think a lot of it too is we're all working full-time jobs, this is, I want to say a hobby, but hobby feels wrong," Hillary Ross said.

"It's a passion," said Kathey Austin, Ay Chihuahua's secretary.

Ross' home has supplies like pills, bottles, even nail polish for dogs.

The goal is to rehabilitate dogs and place them into homes.

"Chihuahuas are the second most euthanized breed in Texas," Ross said.

She says they're always in need for volunteers.

"We have [dogs] with medical needs, emotional needs, training needs," she said. "Finding qualified people who can do that kind of care, it is a bit of a struggle sometimes, because people do think it's a lot of fun, it is, don't get me wrong... I think the hard part is finding people that can do that and let them move to a forever family and not get hurt from it too is hard."

Ross says shelters that don't usually euthanize are euthanizing because their capacity and resources are stretched thin.

The rescue says shelters over capacity could be because of several reasons, owners not spaying and neutering, people not being able to take care of their pets after the pandemic, and hoarding.

Emily Sherry is on her second foster dog.

"I think everyone should have the joy of owning a dog and falling in love with them, having a best friend," she said.

"Best feeling in the world," Austin said.

The rescue says they're always looking for foster parents, donations, and volunteers.

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