Dog that attacked child in Manor has been euthanized

Manor police said a dog that attacked a seven-year-old boy earlier this month has been euthanized.

This comes after authorities found out the dog had previously attacked a child in 2014.
The most recent attack took place in a Manor neighborhood on Callan Court in July and the victim’s parents said they hope the story is a warning to pet owners everywhere.

Like any other summer afternoon, Brison Aldridge was enjoying July 3 spending time outside with his friends.

“Nothing was abnormal this day. They were outside, playing as normal, and I was actually in the driveway vacuuming out the car and a neighborhood child come running up and notified me that Brison was being attacked by a dog,” said Shauna Aldridge, Brison’s mother. 

Police said the dog ran out of a neighbor's home and grabbed Brison, leaving serious wounds on his legs and back.

“Brison said that he'd seen the door open, he assumed his friend was about to come out, and instead it was a dog,” Aldridge said. 

Brison's injuries did require surgery, but the seven year old is now recovering. However, the memory of those horrifying moments is hard to forget.

“Physically, Brison's doing really good. I can tell there is some more caution about going down the street now,” said Aldridge.

The dog was quarantined and monitored for rabies as is standard protocol after any dog attack.

While investigating, Manor police found out this wasn’t the first time the Pitbull mix had bitten a child. That’s something nobody else on Callan Court knew at the time.

“That should've been something maybe the homeowners or somebody should've notified or we should've been informed of,” Aldridge said. 

After this latest attack, the dog's owner told police he wanted it put down. Friday, a veterinarian in Manor did so in the name of public safety.

“Factors in putting down the dog were we found out that it had bitten a child before and, also, the owner was asking for the dog to be put down,” said Sgt. Craig Struble of the Manor Police Department. 

“More than just us would've been nervous had we known the dog was coming home, not only Brison, other neighbors would've also been nervous at the fact knowing it wasn't euthanized,” Aldridge said.

The dog’s owner will still face citations for animal at large, unprovoked attack, no proof of rabies vaccination and failing to register the dog with the city of Manor.

Police said they will not pursue any additional charges for the attack.