Donald Trump makes Texas fundraising swing

Protesters and supporters of Donald Trump faced off Tuesday morning in front of the San Antonio's Grand Hyatt.

"Haven't you heard, Trumps in town. What do we do, shut him down,” shouted Kim Berry from a patio next to the Riverwalk.

As the curbside debate heated up - the controversial GOP nominee arrived a block away. There was only a brief glimpse of Trump giving a thumb's up as he entered the garage area. Trump supporters paid $500 for the lunch gathering and as much as $100,000 to meet and take a photo with him. Michelle Burk said she came down just to see who would show up.

"These people when you ask them, why are you here, it’s like, well we just want change. It’s like what change do you want. I want to know who these people, with all this money are, that have no sense except to keep throwing it at this man, this horrible example of America,” said Burk.

Theresa Soberoski, a retired military contract worker, was among those who bought a $500 ticket.

"This is a chance for America to come back as America as we know it and this is the last ditch effort,” said Soberoski.

Before Trump arrived state Democratic Party leaders held dual news conferences in Dallas and San Antonio. They made it clear the welcome mat was not out.

"When you begin to think about  all of  the groups that Clinton has been able to rally around her, they are the same groups Trump has disparaged,” said State Senator Royce West ( D ) Dallas.

Trump’s swing through Texas comes after the recent video dump of crude comments he made about a TV personality, he said he tried to have sex with, and rude comments against women in general. As he spoke to his donors in the Grand Hyatt Tuesday, social media was buzzing that there are more recordings of nasty comments that may be released. FOX7 asked those who came to the san Antonio event if more ugly recordings are made public will that be the last straw for them.

"I don’t know if that would change me because I think they’ve got to dig deeper into other issues,” said Doreen Newman who was visiting from Pennsylvania.

Newman’s husband and friend, William Cornelius noted what Trump said happened 11 years ago, and they refuse to jump ship.

"People are people, everybody does wrong, but if you want to take the truth, look at Bill Clinton and what he did,” said Cornelius.

Media cameras were not allowed inside for the Lunch event at the Grand Hyatt. Those who attended tell FOX7 Trump served up familiar political rhetoric, and his words, past and present, will not change their vote.

"Basically it’s a movement, it’s been a movement within the party and now it’s a movement on the general level and I want to contribute to make America Great again,” said Brock Gillespie.

Trump spent less than an hour inside the Grand Hyatt. He waved from his motorcade as he headed off for other fundraising events in Dallas and later in Florida.