Downtown Metro-Rail station closed until October

It’s become routine for most commuters to hop on the red line between Leander and downtown but starting today that commute is about to come up a little short. 

CapMetro has shut down the Downtown Metro-Rail station. 

Rail riders will be able to continue to ride to Plaza Saltillo, the last station that it serves. 

There will be a shuttle service available during the week between downtown and Plaza Saltillo. The shuttle will take commuters over to Trinity and 4th Street. The distance between the two stations is about a six-minute drive and 18 minutes on foot.

The new station is expected to be a three-track, two-platform station with a plaza taking over a section of 4th Street.

CapMetro's Dotty Watkins says the new Metro-Rail will be improved and be a permanent downtown fixture. 

"We need to get the train traffic out of the way so that we can safely and quickly construct a temporary station and really prepare that site for the future downtown station,” Watkins said.

June 1 is the last day to ride the Metro-Rail into the downtown station for the next few months. Officials say it's not expected to reopen until October.

CapMetro says there are also added service on Metro Express Routes 980 and 985 to accommodate riders. The Metro Express bus stop is at Guadalupe and 5th.

Through the end of the year, Cap Metro is also suspending Saturday Metro Rail service as it works on a new safety system.

Fore more information about service you can go to the Cap Metro website.