Dozens protest Frank Rizzo statue in Center City

SkyFOX was live over a protest of the Frank Rizzo statue in Center City. 

The protest began shortly before 5 p.m. Monday. 

The statue, which is located at 1401 JFK Boulevard, has been the center of renewed talks of removal in the wake of  the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. Rizzo, the tough talking former cop from South Philly, has long been criticized for his volatile relationships with African Americans and LGBT communities.

"I think that the rally today was necessary."

The executive director of Juntos, an immigrant rights organization, joined forces with Councilwoman At-Large Helen Gym for a public discussion designed to move the statue somewhere else.

"We should not be idolizing people who destroyed thousands of people's lives and I think that Rizzo's history really speaks for himself."

Rizzo's former secretary tells FOX 29 that Rizzo protected African Americans and had a tough law and order approach that rounded up criminals regardless of race.

A group of Italian Philly residents were to rally outside the statue today; however, they canceled in favor of a meeting with Mayor Kenney.