"We're Still Here" community photoshoot celebrates Black Austin

The Austin Justice Coalition and Six Square Austin's Black Culture District hosted a community photoshoot called "We're Still Here" to celebrate Black History Month.

East Austin residents gathered together at Givens Park to take part of this historical moment.

"This is so wonderful in the spot they chose to do it in. Givens Park is a very, very known [spot] here in the African-American community," says East Austin resident Darcus Scott.

"I grew up as a little girl being a pop warner cheerleader in this park. But the yellow jackets. And so I absolutely love Austin, and I'm glad to be a part of my community," says Harve Franks.

Chas Moore with the Austin Justice Coalition helped organize the event and says this is a way to get the community to connect with each other no matter what's your age.

"I surprised myself because I haven't seen them for so long. And now I'm seeing this going down. It's going great. And I'm seeing everybody is participating," says East Austin resident Labina Curtis.

"I love being a part of new things, especially new, powerful black things that are going to last for a long time. So I'm very excited to be here and meet some other colored people and just be with family," says East Austin resident Jaylin Lane.

This event was to highlight Black excellence.

"I'm starting a nonprofit called guidance. It's starting to help young Black men, a form of therapy through dance and just communicating as a resource to get to know themselves and to get better connected with others," says Lane.