East Austin home burglary caught on countertop security camera

The home burglary of an East Austin man was caught by his countertop security camera.

Andrew Whited says he was on his way back from Mexico when he received a push notification that motion was detected inside his home.

“Yeah, he was casually just walking around shining his flashlight over and really didn't seem to be in a hurry. I guess he had seen my car wasn't here it was a long weekend and my neighbors were out of town as well," Whited said.

Early Monday morning, the burglar used a brick to smash open Whited's bedroom window. The man walked towards the kitchen and began his stealing spree, but what he didn't notice was a Canary security camera on Whited's countertop.

The burglar went up and down the stairs a couple of times and shined his flashlight from a cellphone to move through the home.

As Whited got closer to home, he clicked the notification, realized it was a burglar and called 911. 

The burglar stayed inside his home for about 30 minutes, walking away with a pistol, a pair of Airpods and $200.

It also appears the burglar also contemplated grabbing a quick snack, rummaging through Whited's fridge and pantry a couple of times.

Because the window is shattered, Whited went to his garage to cut up a piece of plywood. In the meantime, he's waiting on his replacement window.

A police report has been filed and Whited says his gun has a serial number on it, in case it turns up.

“Actually one of my neighbors thought he saw the guy this morning riding around on a bike looking in other houses," Whited said. "So I ran out but didn't see him."

Whited says the man overlooked several other valuables, and he's grateful he's safe.

“For me, the stuff is easily replaced it's unfortunate for him because I think this is a big mistake that he's going to have to deal with again he was caught on here very clearly and he was around in the neighborhood," Whited said.

Whited says he surprisingly feels safer after seeing the Austin Police Department quickly respond to his neighborhood communicating on the app Nextdoor and his clear camera images.