Elementary school recognizes active military families

13 active military families in Austin were recognized by students and staff at Baranoff Elementary on April 6. It's all part of Military Child Awareness Month.

Baranoff held an assembly with students and families on stage. Many were active duty members and for those who were deployed school staff stood alongside them.

The school's principal says the event was to highlight and honor the sacrifices the Austin Independent School District (AISD) military family has made for the country and their families.

One Army officer has two sons who attend Baranoff and he says he felt a sense of relief AISD had such a big armed forces community.

Major Jordan Boyd says, "It makes me feel proud as a father you know we are gone a lot we are absent from the family and we just really appreciate the school giving back to us."

The children also presented poems and had breakfast with their parents.

AISD Superintendent Paul Cruz says the event also served as an opportunity for the families to get to know one another.