Emergency responders prepare for severe weather

Emergency responders said they are ready for the possible severe weather and they wanted to make sure the community is too.

Chief Palmer Buck with the Austin Fire department said severe weather during the Spring time in Central Texas is nothing new, but they are taking and they are keeping a close eye on the weather, “As it approaches and we see specifically where the danger areas are, we'll move people if we need to or stand up our alert level if necessary.” Chief Buck said they have contingency plans in place and are ready for whatever comes their way.

“If we have the lightning issues, where we have lightning strike house fires, flooding issues, if we have people that get themselves stuck in low water crossings, the wind damage it might cause, power lines could come down, or tree limbs, all of these different aspects of our typical spring storm, we are ready for it and we are ready to respond,” he said.

The National Weather Service said the wave of storms the weekend of April 1st could bring damaging wind gusts, large hail, and even a tornado.

“If we do have potential for tornadic activity, understand where  you need to go, bottom floor, in a room without windows if possible, certainly the center of your house,” Chief Buck said.

While a lot of rain was not expected, it only takes a couple inches for flash flooding.

“People are always caught by surprise especially newer people who have moved into the area how quickly roads can flood. We want to remind people, if you can't see the roadway you're driving, don't drive through, turn around and find a different avenue.” Chief Buck said the start of spring is a good time for everyone to go over safety tips and as emergency officials keep a close on the weather, so should everyone else.

Buck reminds everyone to have your phones charged and ready to receive weather alerts.