FAA computer glitch causes flight delays, cancelations at Austin airport

Hundreds of flights departing Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) were delayed Wednesday morning after a computer glitch

"We're supposed to be departing at 4:30 now it’s saying 5:01 or 5 o'clock, so I hope we don’t spend another two hours sitting at the airport," says Motis Carlos, traveling to Alabama. 

"It hasn’t been bad. It’s been delayed about 20 minutes, and it looks like from there things should be okay," says Bryan, traveling to Dallas. 

"Now my flight is delayed about two and a half hours," says Elizabeth, traveling to Nashville. 

Hundreds of delays and 44 cancelations left many travelers concerned on when their flight will take off. 

"We came earlier, and we’re sitting here ahead of time we already checked our luggage, and yet we don’t know if our flight is going to take off or not," says Carlos.

Several travelers even had to change their plans to make sure they can at least get on a plane by Wednesday evening. 

"I was able to reschedule to an earlier flight time, so I will be getting home about the same time I originally planned," says Elizabeth. 

Motis Carlos, who was visiting his brother in Austin, says his flight was delayed before the FAA computer outage. 

Motis’ original plan was to leave Austin on Saturday, but after having an emergency visit to the hospital, he had to delay his flight to Wednesday afternoon. 

Following airline recommendations, Motis showed up to the airport an hour early with his wife, so they would have time to go through security. 

Thankfully, his flight with Delta Air Lines was delayed by 20 minutes, but Motis is worried about missing his connecting flight. 

"We still have to go to Birmingham, so we have to do a late lay over in Atlanta for about three hours and I hope we don’t get delayed over there either," says Carlos. 

With flight delays and cancelations impacting airports around the country, AUS is advising all travelers who are leaving the Austin airport to double-check with their airlines to see if their flight has been delayed or canceled.