FAA reopens ABIA air traffic control tower

The Federal Aviation Administration says it has reopened the Austin air traffic control tower after repairing damage that the tower sustained during the flooding Halloween weekend. The move to the permanent tower means that Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is able to reopen its remaining runway.

The FAA notes this is good news and will greatly increase ABIA's capacity but says that the tower's base building will remain out of service for several weeks while crews crews repair extensive damage caused by more than a foot of water that got into the facility.

The FAA says it is completing tests of temporary equipment that should allow it to transfer radar services to the San Antonio radar approach control.

In the interim, controllers in the Houston Air Route Traffic Control Center continue to provide flight separation services. Due to limitations in the Houston Center’s radar coverage of the Austin metro area, the agency must meter the volume of flights for safety reasons.

Travelers are advised that delays could still be possible and are urged to check their flight status with their airline or at ABIA's website here.