Family donates to cover adoption fees all weekend at WCRAS

A family that once called Williamson County home has vowed to donate funds to cover adoption fees for all pets at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter this weekend.

WCRAS says the family is doing this to honor their beloved family pet Django, whom they adopted from WCRAS in 2011 for just $25 and recently passed away. Adoption fees are covered from Friday, Jan. 22 through Sunday, Jan. 24.

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"When we adopted Django, she had already been adopted once before and returned to the shelter for being overly active, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into," shared Django’s owner, who WCRAS says wishes to remain anonymous. "When we moved to Oregon, she learned to love the forest and waterfalls. She dipped her feet into the Pacific Ocean and made sand angels on the beach."

Her family described Django as a "sweet, affectionate, and smart dog," who "aced every obedience class she took, but was always spunky and determined to do her own thing."


This past summer, when she was 11 years old and had recovered from cancer surgery, Django’s family shared with WCRAS that they went camping and hiked 7 miles to discover a new waterfall. Django remained active until the end.

"She gave us so much joy. We are so glad that we gave a dog her second chance (in Django’s case a third) because we had so much fun with her. We miss her, and we hope others can discover the love and happiness a rescued dog can bring to their family," said Django’s adopter.


Residents interested in adopting a new furry family member can view all available pets online, and then send an email to to schedule an appointment.