Family of Austin 6th Street mass shooting victim releases statement

The family of a 25-year-old killed in the Sixth Street mass shooting in June 2021 has released a statement to the media as the trial against the alleged shooter moves forward in Austin

The 2021 mass shooting left Doug Kantor, 25, dead and 13 others injured.

Investigators say the shooting was the result of a confrontation between 19-year-old De'Ondre Jermirris White, his friends and a rival group of teenagers from Killeen. White is charged with murder and more than a dozen counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The only other person arrested, so far, is his friend Jeremiah Tabb. 

Tabb is free on bond after being charged with trying to hide the gun used in the shooting.

White, according to court documents claims he acted in self-defense. 

Doug Kantor's mom Julia released the following statement to the media: 

There is a story behind these words,

To my Friend for Life - When Doug was very little we had a conversation about friends. I told him, over time, friends will change for many reasons and he would be lucky to have a few best friends for life that he would always be with and could depend on. From that day on whenever he was with a friend he wondered, and asked, if that friend would be his friend for life. We now all see the dozens of wonderful friends he has made for life and how he so easily managed to bring people together. Even the most unlikely pair.

It's the experience - It started as an ongoing joke between the family when someone didn't want to do something different or try something new. (Mainly it was his father, Joe, who gave resistance). It later became his motto. Doug enjoyed new adventures whether it was going to a new Country, State, City, Restaurant, or finding new recipes. He enjoyed doing a new sport and understanding different cultures. He worked hard to learn how to make a company more efficient and keep employees happy. He also loved cars and can talk forever about them. He loved to shop, was picky about his clothes and demanded quality. He also kept a beautiful clean, loving home with Adrianna; one to be proud of. He loved spending time with his future in-laws and they loved him very much. He was so excited to finish school, move back home, start a family with Adrianna and continue to build a business with his brother and father. Having his family close was so important to Doug and he worked even harder to make that happen. Doug and I both loved driving around, looking at homes throughout neighborhoods, and picking out our dream homes for the day. He was always thinking about the next adventure and what he can learn from it. It was the experience that mattered most.

To his dear friends - I believe Doug will guide you and help you to experience as much as possible. Just listen to that soft, strong voice and remember that big smile. His kindness, sincerity, selflessness and tenaciousness were just some of his wonderful traits. Doug wanted his friends to grow and prosper with him and I hope you will all come together, help each other and make that happen. Doug always had a strong desire to learn and he enjoyed sharing what he had with others. Don't be afraid it's just "The Experience".
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

With all my love,

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