Family of 6th Street mass shooting victim says Austin leaders have 'blood on their hands'

Wearing jailhouse stripes, De'Ondre White walked into Judge Brad Urrutia's courtroom on Tuesday morning. 

He said nothing during the Status Hearing and neither did the family of Doug Kantor, who was also in court. 

Kantor is the man White allegedly shot and killed

It’s believed this was the first time the Kantors have seen White in person. 

"He's never going to change. A person like that is never going to change," said Kantor’s mother Julia.

Joe Budnick, Doug Kantor’s father, struggled to find the words to describe what he felt as he looked at White. 

"I broke down. I didn't control myself," said Budnick.

The response from Kantor’s uncle, Larry Lightner, reflected the raw emotion they are still trying to deal with. 

"Watching him walk into a courtroom. I'd rather he was dragged out in a body bag than walked into that courtroom. The kid has no business being alive," said Lightner.

Doug Kantor, 25, was among more than a dozen people shot June 12 in the 6th Street entertainment district. 

Investigators say the shooting was the result of a confrontation between White, his friends and a rival group of teenagers from Killeen. White, according to court documents claims he acted in self-defense. His attorney Russ Hunt was asked about that after the hearing. 

"DeAndre, from the beginning, has maintained his innocence, and we look forward to all the evidence coming out," said Hunt.

FOX 7 asked Hunt if White is claiming he didn't fire the shots.

"He is not guilty of the murder that he is charged with," said Hunt.

White is charged with murder and more than a dozen counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The only other person arrested, so far, is his friend Jeremiah Tabb. Tabb is free on bond after being charged with trying to hide the gun used in the shooting. 

Nick Kantor, Doug’s brother, questioned why more arrests have not been made.

"They should all be charged. Equally, they all. If the guy doesn't lift up his shirt, if Tab doesn't have a fight a week before that. All these factors don't happen. My brother still alive. So they're all equally guilty and as well as all the people that went down with him to Austin that night with loaded guns. So they should all be charged. But yet the prosecution, the D.A., they don't see it that way, and I don't know how," said Nick Kantor.  

Kantor's family not only believe everyone involved should be prosecuted, they also worry about how Travis Co. DA Jose Garza is handling the case. 

"I believe that our ideas of justice are very far apart and are probably never going to be aligned," said Nick Kantor, who also pointed to statements he claims Garza made that no criminal should be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

The shooting happened during a time when Austin city leaders were accused of defunding the police department. 

The Kantor's believe the city shares some responsibility for their loss. 

"I do. I blame Austin, and I blame the person who shot him. I blame the people running Austin Adler and the City Council and those people I blame, it's their fault. They have my son's blood on their hands."

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