Family of Larry Jackson Jr. holds rally in response to Kleinert hearing

On Thursday, Larry Jackson, Jr.'s family joined protestors outside the federal courthouse in response to the latest move by defense attorneys to move former Austin Police Detective Charles Kleinert's trial to federal court.

Protestors said to them defense attorney's argument is just another tactic to avoid prosecution.

The People's Task Force is an organization that fights against racial injustice. They held the rally outside the courthouse with hopes the U.S. district judge will hear their message.

A spokesperson for the Peoples task force said he fears that opening up the jury pool to surrounding counties will bring in jurors that are more conservative than those in Travis county. Instead, protestors said the former detective should be tried in the county that paid him for his service.

Snehal Shingavi, People's Task Force organizer, said he hopes this is the last roadblock before Kleinert faces a trial.

"My sense of what has happened over the last year has been legal trick after legal trick after legal trick and it's time for it to stop, time to say the family of a person that was killed by a cop deserves justice. They deserve a swift and speedy trial and this is just one more maneuver to try and prolong the process," said Shingavi.

Thursday, protestors said justice will not be served for Jackson's family until Kleinert is behind bars.