Family searching for local artist, missing for seven days

It's been a week since Fadeelah Muhyee has seen or heard from her younger brother, Brenden "Chameleon King" Foster.

The 25-year-old was last seen entering Hippie Hollow Park on February 5th around noon, parked his car and never returned.
Muhyee said when law enforcement saw his car left untouched the next day they notified her and the Travis County Sheriff’s Office began their search. A spokesperson with TSCO said they’ve searched the water on boats, used drones to get aerial views and conducted ground searches with K9’s.

Foster’s loved ones have also spent days searching the park.
"This is a place he comes very often to meditate, we are very spiritual beings me and him and we are originally from the Bay area and so places like this help us feel closer to home," said Muhyee. "My brother was somebody who brought so much joy to people like I said just from his energy and then to top it off his amazing voice that was just so and is so healing, so healing."
Foster is a vocalist who has been in the Austin area for five years. His sister describes him as a loving person who has lived with a Bipolar disorder and has battled manic episodes in the past.
"Me and my brother are really close he would never go anywhere for a long period of time without notifying me," Muhyee said. “I would just want people to know and love an appreciate on people who are going through a rough time because sometimes people write off their loved ones when they are going through rough times from things that they just don't understand but those are the most crucial times to show love."
On Wednesday search teams handed out flyers and retraced Foster’s steps. TCSO will continue to search the park with dogs on Thursday.   

 "I've been in this park for seven days or at least six of the seven days and this is a scary park, I mean with all of the rocks and the inclines and declines,” said Muyhee. "Moving forward we are just doing what we can to find him because we are going to find him. I believe that in my heart, we are going to find him."
If you have any information about Foster or his whereabouts, you are asked to contact the Travis County Sheriff's Office.