Fantasy football loser takes naked walk of shame around Minneapolis

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A 24-year-old Minneapolis man served his Fantasy Football punishment on Friday by walking around the city naked with only a “Fantasy Football Loser” cardboard box around him. He has since gained national attention after photos of his walk of shame erupted on the Internet.

“I was actually the one that came up with the end of the season punishment last year,” he laughed as he told Fox 9.

The former University of Minnesota student said he walked nearly a mile from 32nd Street to Lyndale Avenue around 5:15 p.m.  His friends made sure to walk with him because they needed proof.

“I bet you at least 200 people took pictures of me,” he said. “People were stopping on the side of the road and even getting out of their cars. Everyone mostly said ‘oh man that sucks.’”

He said his response to all the onlookers was, “Don’t worry! This is my year!” 

Their 12-man league called “Fantasteeze Footballers” is comprised of a group of his high school and college friends from the west metro area.

“Every week the loser has to do a beer shower and post it on YouTube then send it to all the other guys while announcing that he lost that week,” he told Fox 9.

Tony Rillo, the commissioner of the league, told Fox 9 that they’re still working on figuring out what the last place punishment will be for this year – “The leading option includes a bag of ice, ready whip, and a 9 iron,” he said.