Father and son from Lakeview among those killed in Nice attacks

The Nice attack is hitting close to home here in Austin as two Lakeway residents are among those that were killed. 51-year-old Sean Copeland and his son 11-year-old Brodie were vacationing in Europe when the attack happened.

Coleen Serfoss was Brodie's 5th grade teacher at Lakeway  "When I woke up I was hoping it was a dream, until I turned the TV on again," she said. Serfoss said Brodie had talked to her about his summer vacation with his family. "He had told me at the end of the year that they were going abroad and that one of the things he was looking forward to was running with the bulls and I told him he was crazy."

Brodie, and his father Sean were two of the at least 84 people killed when a driver of a large truck barreled down the crowded promenade in Nice, then got out of the vehicle and started shooting. "It's extremely difficult because at the end of the year we say goodbye to them and we are wishing them well and we are looking forward to hearing about their wonderful successes and he was one that I couldn't wait to hear about," Serfoss said.

Brad Lancaster is the Superintendent for Lake Travis Independent School District, he said this isn't the first student or parent death they've handled. But this situation is different than anything they've dealt with.

"We don't understand what happened and we dont even know how to explain this to ourselves much less 10 or 11 or 12 year olds." He said when the surviving family members come back, they will be taken care of. "When they return home they will be wrapped up, they will be well loved, well fed, well covered, most importantly well prayed over," he said.

Family members released a statement that said they are heartbroken and shocked. They described Sean as a wonderful husband and father. Brodie as an amazing son and brother who lit up their lives.

Ms. Serfoss said Brodie had big dreams and aspirations and wanted to be an actor when he grew up.

"I told him on the last day of school when you get your academy award I hope you remember to mention me. It's heartbreaking that that wonderful talented child is not going to be finishing what his dreams were," she said.

A GoFund me page has been set up for the Copeland family. If you would like to help, you can click here.