FBI: Man in custody following robbery at Austin food truck

Tuesday, the FBI confirmed a man they believe robbed a taco truck at gunpoint in Northeast Austin was in custody.  

FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee told FOX 7 Austin someone was taken into custody over the weekend when the FBI and local law enforcement responded to an “ongoing crime.” 

Rogelio Lozano, owner of Jefes Tacos received the news from an Austin Police detective Tuesday. “That was definitely a big relief, and I told my employees about it. They can breathe again,” he said. 

A law enforcement source tells FOX 7 Austin the suspect is being held on a blue warrant for a parole violation. Tuesday, Special Agent Lee confirmed the man was being held on “other charges,” but could not elaborate. “We’re hoping that they caught the right person. It’s still an open investigation,” said Lozano. 


Tuesday, Lee said the FBI was reviewing evidence in the case. She said the agency was in conversation with the U.S. Attorneys Office to determine if the suspect will be charged at the federal level.

Reasons to pursue federal charges include escalating or significant violent crime, crime crossing jurisdictional lines, and serial crime. “I feel good because I was worried about this happening again,” said Lozano. 

Though the case is far from closed, Lozano tells FOX 7 Austin he finds comfort in how it has been handled. “A lot of people think no, we can’t get the police involved, no we can’t get the media involved cause nobody does anything. But hey, this is definitely a case where we’re proving otherwise.” 

He tells FOX 7 Austin he is thankful for the community’s support.

Some customers have come forward to donate money to his employee who had not only her tips but her purse stolen in the robbery. The woman planned to send the money in her purse to her mother in Guatemala.