FDA cracking down on underage e-cig use

On the streets, it's called “juuling,” the act of vaping with the Juul brand e-cigarette.

Those who vape can grab the device that looks like a thumb drive, from smoke shops all over.

“We do sell a lot of the Juuls,” said Corey Turner, store manager at Austin’s Smoke-N-Chill.

The issue is, minors are starting to get a hold of them. Some have been bold enough to walk into Turner's store. He said checking I.D. is something they always do.

“I had a 16-year-old try to come in and ask for it. He was immediately shut down, but they definitely do try to come in here and grab them,” said Turner.

A high school student Fox 7 spoke to says he sees peers sneak and vape when they can.

“Usually in the restrooms. It can become a habit,” said the student.

The FDA caught on. They're cracking down on underage use. They've sent warnings to 40 retailers already. It's part of an initiative to keep the Juul brand and other e-cigs away from those under 18.

“Many of the vaping devices have high nicotine concentration so it's easy to become addicted to it,” said Dr. Steven Kelder, professor at UT School of Public Health.

The feds have also asked Juul to turn over any documents and research that can explain why the product appeals to young people so much.

“There is flavoring in most or many of the devices that is very attractive to kids so we're finding children as young as fourth and fifth grade using vaping devices,” said Kelder.