Fears over gas shortage cause long lines, empty pumps at ATX stations

Fears of a fuel shortage due to the effects of Harvey are causing long lines and empty pumps at stations all across the Austin area. But the state says there's no shortage at all.

Nervous drivers have been heading to get gas and finding many stations with plastic bags covering handles or signs saying "no gas" available.

State officials say that Harvey did shut down some refineries along the Gulf Coast and prices went up because demand went up. The Texas Railroad Commissioner says panic and fear is behind your local gas station running out of fuel.

The sudden spike in usage, officials say, means trucks aren't able to replenish stations as quickly.

Former Texas Governor and now U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry is stepping in and say he will release half a million barrels of gasoline to prevent prices from going up. He also plans on working to restore refineries.

Experts say there is no need to rush to the pump. Things will return to normal soon and prices shouldn't increase substantially only an estimated five to 15 cents more per gallon.