Few answers after student accesses pornographic material on school iPad

WARNING: This story contains graphic details on an incident where a student reportedly accessed pornographic material at a local elementary school. Discretion is advised.

Letters have been sent home to parents by one Valley elementary school, after a second grader reportedly accessed pornographic materials on an iPad.

"For him to be in the second grade and be able to access this kind of stuff was just horrible," said one woman, who would like to remain anonymous. Her grandson is a seven-year-old student at Michael Anderson Elementary School, located in Avondale. The woman said her grandson somehow found his way to pornographic images on the school's iPad.

The woman was called to the school on Thursday.

"I waited, and finally I was able to speak to the principals regarding what had happened and I wanted to see what he had been looking at, and it was just bad," said the woman.

The woman said she had her grandson write down the search terms he entered. The terms, according to the woman, were explicit.

The woman said she does not have the internet at her home.

"To trust the school with my grandson and then this happened," said the woman.

Officials with the school district said they have more than one filter used to block students from searching inappropriate materials, but the sites were accessible to students on Thursday. According to the woman, her grandson was able to access explicit materials on Wednesday as well.

Meanwhile, the school said this was an isolated incident.