Austin officials respond to over 50 water-related rescues after flash flooding

Law enforcement officials reported responding to over 50 water related rescues after extreme flash flooding Thursday night.

Caleb Decasper says he was driving on 183 in Northwest Austin during the rainstorm when a concrete barrier slammed into the back of his car.

"Slams into the back of my car and just takes me for a ride down the street several hundred feet," said Decasper.

Decasper admits he thought he was going to die. "I thought I was going to roll and drown," he said.

Law enforcement officials responded to dozens of water rescues involving cars trapped due to the extreme flooding. Austin Travis County EMS officials told FOX 7 Austin they have not seen a weather event like this in quite awhile.

Brandon Brammer also found himself in a similar situation on 183. He says he was driving through the flooding when his car shut off.

"I just started floating and my car just started going sideways. The water started rushing up on the side just like it would on any other flood against the curb," said Brammer.

Luckily, he was saved by law enforcement, but Brammer says he learned a valuable lesson.

"When they say seriously, if you value your car or your life and they tell you to turn around, don't drown, turn around or don't leave in the first place," he said.

EMS says ‘turn around don’t drown’ is the best advice for these types of situations.