Flooding sparks multiple road closures across Williamson County

Many low water crossings in Williamson County are closed, especially those along Brushy Creek in Round Rock, after thunderstorms blew through Central Texas Wednesday.

“It was almost like driving in the dark,” said Felicia Coleman who lives in Round Rock.

The amount of rain was enough to spark closures like one low water crossing off Brushy Bend Road near Cedar Park which was completely engulfed in water.

“The skies just opened up and you knew there was going to be flooding somewhere,” said Coleman.

Rock Rock also spent the day closing crossings,especially ones along Brushy Creek, as water rose and rushed over roads.

“We knew to expect a little high water but not like this. This is crazy,” said Dustin Thomas from Round Rock.

Those at Memorial Park, which is along the creek, were taken back by the amount of water in the area. The water from Brushy Creek was high enough to make its way into the park. Around 3 p.m. the water was only a few feet from benches.

“This is just crazy how much the water is over flowing in the park,” said Coleman.

People watched, worried the flood may damage the park. “I would not want to see the flooding get up to the play area or the picnic benches,” said Trisha Munsch who lives in Round Rock.

“This is one our favorite place to be. We come down here 2 or 3 times a week just to get some fresh air,” said Thomas.

With more rain on the way the way for Central Texas, if you see water on the road turn around don’t drown.